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A healthy Life is a Happy Life

When I was a child……….  I was told “You’re what you eat”.  Such a simple way of saying: ”Eat healthy, because if you don’t, then sooner or later there is going to be a major consequence.  Bad food affects us physically and mentally”. I would love to create a blog that embraces the idea of “Better information, means better Health”. Let’s create a place where we can discuss: Healthy food, weight gain/weight loss, fitness, healthy recipes, natural remedies, nutrition, topics of real food, stress, lack of sleep and what it does to us. I hope that we’re going to help each other and learn from one another to make healthy eating decisions. Let’s stop the Yo-yo diet. Instead, let’s create a Healthy Life Style. 

Be good to yourself! I wish you a happy and healthy day.
Ayla W.
Your Wellness Coach


I’m smart, good looking, happy & healthy. Come and join me today!